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In our professional practice, we have noticed that garage door owners who are more knowledgeable manage to keep their systems in optimal condition for a long time without any serious problems. In order to help you achieve this as well, we compiled this section of highly useful tips which are freely accessible for everyone.

Check the roller hinges for wear and tear

You need to pay close attention to the cylinders which house the roller stems. They must be perfectly round. If they have become oval, the hinges must be replaced, according to our specialists. The same applies in case you notice signs of deformation, extensive wear and tear or corrosion. Loose bolts must be tightened.

Replace the weather seals when they become thin

The thinning will prevent the rubber or vinyl strips from providing proper insulation for higher energy efficiency. If you can see light coming through the sides of the door during the day, then the weather seals are no longer thick enough to do their job and have to be replaced as soon as possible.

Choose a garage door that is safe for kids

If you have kids, choosing a garage door with panels will make it less likely that they will be harmed. Panel doors do not pinch kids if their hands get caught in between them. There are a variety of panel doors available.

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