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How to Recognize Cables and Tracks of Good Quality

How to Recognize Cables and Tracks of Good Quality
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When it comes to a complete garage door replacement or just replacement of the hardware, you would want to ensure that you will get only the best new parts. The role of the cables and tracks is extremely important since they enable the normal operation of the door during opening and closing. That is why you have to ensure that they are of the finest quality. Learn how to do this.

The Best Cables

Cables and Tracks of Good QualityThe garage door cables have to be strong and durable and to perform optimally at all times. You can ensure this by taking the following steps.

Confirm that they are made of galvanized steel wire - This wire has received protective zinc coating during galvanization. This makes it naturally resistant to rust and corrosion. As a result, the components will have a longer useful life and be at lower risk of premature fraying and breakage.

Check the diameter - The thickness of the cables should correspond to the weight of the door. Heavier units must use thicker cables. In general, the thicker a component is the stronger and more durable will be. Given this, it is best to opt for the thickest possible part suitable for your overhead door.

Pay attention to the attachments - They must be thick and firmly set in place. Their size and design must allow for perfect fit and effective and smooth operation.

The Ideal Tracks

There are two major issues affecting garage door tracks. The primary one is bending and the second one is rust, which starts from the bottom section when it gets into contact with the cleaners used for the garage floor and driveway. With careful selection, the risk of both problems can be effectively reduced.

Assess the make first - Modern tracks are rarely made from plain steel and then painted. Virtually all components are made of galvanized steel which is less likely to rust and corrode. You just have to ensure that this is the case.

Go for the thickest components - The greater the thickness is the better. It will make the tracks stronger and help them to last longer without bending. The greatest thickness currently found is 0.075 inches. It is uncommon to find models which meet the previously set standard for thickness which was 0.083 inches. The other main thickness options which are available at present are 0.062 inches and 0.055 inches.

Look into the mounting hardware - The brackets and bolts required for the installation of tracks must be strong, lasting and resistant to rust and corrosion as well. Pay attention to the gauge of the mountain brackets. The lower it is the better. It is always a good idea to keep spare bolts so that issues such as track misalignment can be effectively avoided.

Finally, you have to keep in mind that even the best cables and tracks can suffer damage due to an accident or extensive wear and tear. Make sure that the problem is resolved without delay so that further accidents are prevented.

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