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How to Prevent Your Garage Door from Rusting

How to Prevent Your Garage Door from Rusting
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One of the biggest problems for the steel garage door panels and hardware is rust. It affects not only the looks of the door. It reduces the strength and durability of the metal components and makes the system much noisier. At the same time, it is perfectly possible to prevent the appearance of rust. Find out how to do it.

Hardware Selection

Choose galvanized garage door parts - It is best if all metal components of the system to be made from galvanized steel. This alloy has received zinc coating during the manufacturing process. During galvanization, the metal sheets or wires are dipped in molten zinc. The coating works to provide natural protection from oxidizing and consequently rust. When a component is replaced, you have to ensure that the new one is made from the same material.

Panel Protection

Maintaining your garage doorCover all panels with protective paint - For steel panels, you need to use latex-based external-grade paint in order to get the best results. Make sure that you cover the sides and edges of the panels as well. Keep in mind that repainting is required on an annual basis for ongoing protection.

Remove damaged paint and provide repainting right away - You need to watch out for bubbles, cracks and peeled-off pieces of paint. If they are present, you have to use appropriate paint remover to get rid of the old layer. Then you have to repaint the panels with product of better quality. It is a good idea to test it first on a small section of the door.

Friction Reduction

Provide lubrication maintenance - This will help to reduce the friction between the moving metal parts and the scratching of their surface. In this way, the risk of rusting will be reduced further. Clean all moving metal parts with solvent first to remove any accumulations of dirt and grease. Then apply a thin layer of lubricant to them. You can use light household oil or another product approved by the manufacturer of the overhead door. Open and close the door to ensure that the oil is evenly spread.

Choice of Cleaners

Use only safe cleaners for the panels, garage floor and driveway - The standard steel doors can be cleaned effectively with a solution made from one cup of detergent and five gallons of water. Wood panels can be cleaned with slightly dampened soft cloth. You should not use corrosive metal-damaging cleaners even for the garage floor and the driveway as they can easily affect the garage door tracks, bottom section and all other components which are close the ground.

Always provide thorough rinsing - This is necessary for ensuring that all traces of the cleaner are removed and will not cause damage over time. Generally, it is best to wash overhead doors on warm sunny days for faster drying.

Finally, you should run regular inspections. Check the panels and hardware components for rust, wear and tear and damage. It is important for any rust to be removed timely and its spreading to be prevented.

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