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Get to know the electric door which you have in your garage much better with the help of the informative answers which we provide to the most frequently asked questions in our industry. With thorough knowledge, you will be able to make the best decisions in any situation involving the system.

The noises your garage door makes could be your initial “warning” that something isn’t quite right. The longer you put off the necessary service, the more damage might result. Check our informative FAQ page, and if you think you might need repairs, call our expert technicians for fast service at the most reasonable rates in town.

What’s wrong with a door that refuses to completely close?

According to our garage door repair experts, most door closing problems can be attributed to the safety reverse feature unless it involves a gape created after the door panel is damaged. Modern doors already come with safety reverse features that make them automatically revert to an open position when an obstruction is detected.

How far should remote controls be used?

There is no minimum distance for garage door remote control operation but there is certainly a maximum. In many cases, this maximum operational distance is from 10 to 15 meters. However, there are door remote controls produced by third parties that are capable of long-range operation. They can be used as far as 150 meters or farther.

Does a garage door have an impact on the value of my home when it is sold?

Our experts say that since a garage door is one of the largest moving components of a house, its design and style will greatly affect the home’s value; if it complements the look of the house or if it is still in good condition. If your door is encountering problems, it is wise to subject it to garage door repair before offering the home up for sale.

How do I choose an insulated garage door?

Check the panel structure and the type of insulating material used. Doors that come with a single layer of steel and polystyrene insulation are the most basic option. Those with two layers of steel and polyurethane foam between them tend to have the highest R-values. When comparing the R-values of doors, make sure that they are calculated in line with the DASMA TD-163 technical requirements.

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